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I'm a, mother,wife,women, coach, teacher, healer,cantadora, and bodhisattva in training - WyseWomen Wellness is my passion.


A little bit about me . . .


I welcome your curiosity about my path and how I may be of service to you.

I have been in service to humanity in one form or another since 1981 when I entered the health care field where I started my career as a nursing assistant on the medical-surgical unit of the Veterans Administration Hospital in Manchester, NH.

Of course that does not include my ministering to animals as a toddler on my Granddads farm in upstate NY - my version of ministering mainly focused on singing to them, birds in particular.

As I worked in the hospital and watched what took place around me I knew that there had to be a more effective, loving way to offer nurture and care, while empowering people to find wellness, support and balance in their lives. I set about to find it (first for myself because I realized that I was not in balance either) then to share what I found with others. Over the years I realized it is more about creating what you desire. Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see". That sums it up well.

A key element I've discovered to creating the life I love is the value and importance of a heart centered connection. Being in tune with my heart . . . Coherence, HeartMath ® calls it. My mind, my heart, and my spirit are all in tune with one another.

Some, like Deepak Chopra, refer to it as The Dharma or Path. This heart centeredness for me is rooted in a strong sense of spiritual connectedness to all things, in service to others, through loving kindness.

I am the mother of three wonderful children, ages 32, 23, and 15. They are fantastic kids and a real joy in our life My partner and husband is my soul mate and friend. He is a deeply supportive part of my life. As a family we argue, we disagree, we laugh, we cry, we are what families are about.

My personal interests include walking on any sunny beach I can find, I love California (in the Santa Cruz area), hiking in the Redwoods (same area) or any trees, studying the Dharma, meditating, and reading good books. I have a wonderful reading list that I'll be sharing soon.

I love listening to great music like Andrea Bocelli, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and any great Jazz. Included in this mix are Norah Jones, and Santana. I love to talk with my sister Barb who lives in Texas and I can listen and talk for hours (great skills for a coach to have). I love to write and I will be penning a book one day soon on the importance of healing from trauma.

I have written my own Reiki manual and I’m the creator of my website (in the process of being taken down) and this blog. I love Native and Japanese drumming, singing, and playing in clay. My dearest friends include my children and my partner.

My soul sisters, my work with the WyseWomen Circle , my friends and mentors all help to round me out and assist me in holding my center. We are definitely Ya Ya sisters and family!

I'm the oldest of six children and my growing up years were all spent in New England. My dad's side of the family (the Merrill's) hail back to England, Ireland, and Scotland in the early 1600's. We been doing some recent genealogy research that us back even farther and relates us to kings and queens (great greats to the 32 etc.). My mom's side (so far anyway) are Iroquois (Native American) Irish and English.

My husbands job has migrated our family across the U.S. to the Mid-West, and to an area that looks a lot like the New England we grew up in.

I know loss and challenge because two of my brothers and my father have passed. My brothers from two separate accidents over the years, and my dad from chronic illness. My sister is facing the challenges of a brain tumor and what it means to heal from treatment and still live with it as it is inoperable so far.

My dad was a Korean War Veteran and through no fault of his own he carried home with him the pain and trauma of his time in Korea in the 2nd Indian Head Division, 9th Infantry, G Company.

His pain, and the pain that we took on as his children (not knowing any better as children) has been one of the motivating factors in my life for helping survivors of trauma to heal.Helping our Veterans, in whatever way I am able is very important to me.

Likewise my work with women is also very important to me. Whole Women Wellness, or WyseWomen Wellness as I call it, is my mantra. Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Qualities that include love, nurture, respect, and esteem are all vitally important in the lives of women and their children who grow up to be adults.

My mother grew up in an abusive home, one where women and children were not valued. A home where violence was the norm.

The early part of the 20th century was a different time for women and children and they were often thought of, and or treated as property. This kind of thinking still exists today in some areas. My mother brought her pain forward with her into adulthood and as children we also took this on.

It is only now, as she nears 70 that she has finally found some peace with her life. Likewise, I have come to understand and know, with time and distance, my own inner peace.

I have lost a baby to a tubal pregnancy, and experienced infertility from an IUD when they were the popular method of family planning. I have been married, divorced, a single parent and I am now happily remarried again.

I become the primary caretaker for my wonderful mother-in-law Frannie when we moved her into our home at age 95 and together as a family we cared for her till she passed at the age of 97 from colon cancer. We were able to have her last days be at home with us. Thank God for the blessings of Hospice.

My experiences with loss and challenge have given me profound teachings on faith, trust, perseverance, compassion, and forgiveness, among other things.

Likewise I am blessed with much joy in my life and this too has taught me about appreciation and gratitude.

Many teachers have lit the way for me. My Baptist upbringing in my early years was the beginning. The stories I heard growing up about my native ancestors also shaped me and gave me cause for inspiration and wonder. Likewise the Celtic side of our family has inspired me.

The difficult and frightening moments in my childhood, and the dark nights of my soul as an adult, each of these has been equally blessed with teachers. It is easier to see the blessings when you are on the other side of dark night, not so much when you are in it. None the less, I am more for having walked the path that I have.

As an adult my path to understand has included studying and honoring the Celtic and Goddess traditions and studying and walking the Dharma or Buddhist path. It's an interesting mix that works for me.

The level of compassion that I am able to draw upon within me is deep, and likewise the experience of knowing about difficultly and coming through it. It is possible because I have been there. What is important is taking the journey, whatever it is, one small step at a time. My excuses have been valid, I've acknowledged the reality of what has happened - and validated my abilities because of it all.

My work as a healer, through the modalities I practice, have allowed me to make a difference in the lives of others. I feel blessed and privileged to be able to walk this journey with my clients.

My experience as a life coach and healer is that the answers lie within . Our society is one that tends to draw people out of themselves to look for the answers "out there" instead of trusting and encouraging the wisdom within. I have found that most often with gentle nudging and a few tools people can find what they need from their own deep inner resources.

As Gandhi was once quoted having said ". . . it does not matter which book I read from, God is the essence of all things. . ." (Paraphrased).

My commitment to you is to teach you to develop your own powerful natural wisdom, an intuitive ,integrative capacity that, with very little thought on your part, and even when you are sleeping, is at work in every moment of your life. To create the life that you love. To give you back to yourself. It is your beingness, your birthright. A feeling, felt sense, of your most profound and sacred you.

I look forward to working with you on your journey . . .



"To serve is to make whole in some way. Service. . .it's close to love, but a very pure kind of love. A befriending of the lives of others, unconditionally."
Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D


Healing, Etta James, Pema Chodron, Jimmy Stewart, Compassion, Music, Great azz, Jana Stanfield, . Classic movies. The Thin Man, British humor like Are You Being Served, The Vicar of Dibley, public television books or authors Tom Peters, Marti Barletta, Carol Orsborn, M.D., Youngey Mingyur, PH.D, Gregg Braden. Titles on loving kindness. I love doing things with our kids, I adore walking on the beach in California, volunteering to make a difference in the life of another. Leading teaching,the Dalai Lama, Deva Premal, mantra or chant, Jobim, anything Audry and Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Alfred Hitchcock, Keeping Up Appearances, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Rinpoche, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Bruce Lipton PH.D, Elena Avila R.N. I love being with women, walking in the the redwoods, any beautiful sunny day, sitting by the river, my daily yoga practice, my daily tonglen practice, and mentoring. I could name every book on my shelf by so many authors who have inspired me and still be writing next week. In General I am following a Buddhist practice of loving kindness.