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Vincent J Cataldi

Nellie : this time I read it start to end. I was not able to on previous attempts because it deserved my full attention and a considered, thoughtful read of the entire article.

You said a lot that was personal, and yet also Universal - and very endearing, and likely helpful to all who have time and opportunity to hear what you share.

I knew I had respect for you, now I have a better understanding why ! Thank you Nellie. Beautiful !

Vincent Cataldi

Nellie : The 'image' of your father is haunting - such a young boy, who no doubt was thrown into such chaos that the luxury of growing up slowly was lost - radically adjust or die ! His innocent grin helps tell us all that he is Apple Pie, typical American youth - with a virtually limitless future ahead of him. The boy next door !

Thus the haunting image - he gave so much - so much that only he could comprehend, with no way to share it, not even a common vocabulary to try.

For me personally, my draft lottery number for Vietnam service was low and assured my legal duty - but the war ended months before I had to report - and I never had to make the decision, I never had to go to war, never had to kill to stay alive or protect my group - I'll never know !

Thus I always thank a military man/woman for Service to our country - and listen to what ever the solder may wish to say. They rarely say more than thank you with a half a smile - it always seems to mean a lot that I would say something so simple, yet unusual. I wish all would respect our veterans with a simple - Thank You Sir !

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